CloudBase 2.0 is an advanced template created by CloudAccess.net. It's based on Gantry Framework developed by RocketTheme.

Additional features we created on top of those Gantry offers:

  • 11 template presets (color variations)
  • 10 background patterns
  • One of the most advanced system of picking colors for each template element
  • improved "Scroll to top" feature
  • Equal height for modules
  • 60 module positions


Gantry Framework features:

  • 960 Grid System (http://960.gs) for simple consistent layout. 12 and 16 column support
  • Per-menu control over all Gantry functionality
  • Ability to save/remove custom presets
  • Built-in AJAX Support
  • iPhone and iPod Touch mobile autotheme support
  • Built-in Gantry RokGZipper to compress and combine Gantry JS and CSS files
  • Cleaner more understandable index.php. All the complicated bits are handled for you in the Gantry core.
  • Flexibility to configure up to 6 modules in row position.
  • 36 possible combinations for the layout of the mainbody/sidebars alone!
  • Flexibility to configure different grid-size layouts based on number of published modules. You are not forced to use the same grid layout for every page
  • 12 built-in Gantry Features like Logo, font-sizer, to-top smooth slider. Easily create your own to add more functionality with little coding required.
  • Ability to force module display and 'blank' module positions for advanced module placement ability.
  • Stunning new Admin interface providing better usability and control.
  • Unique Layout controls allow you to configure your layout without having to do math or ever create a 'broken' layout.
  • Layout controls provide visual representation of your front-end layout for simple and intuitive customization.
  • Gantry is XML driven, adding another row of completely flexible module positions is as simple as editing one XML file.
  • New flexible parameter system allows loading preset theme attributes and modifying for a custom design. Also support session and cookie level overriding for development.
  • All new table-less HTML overrides based on the excellent GNU/GPLv2 overrides from YOOtheme (http://www.yootheme.com)
  • New standard typography and Joomla core elements styling
  • New advanced caching system makes using Gantry really fast!
  • All configuration state is stored in params.ini and cached for speed.
  • Optimized codebase with speed, size, and reuse core tenants of the framework design